Universidade de Fortaleza – Brazil

University of Fortaleza – Unifor is located in the 4th largest Brazilian capital, the University of Fortaleza – Unifor, a higher education institution maintained by the Edson Queiroz Foundation, is recognized at a regional, national and international level. Created in 1973, the University of Fortaleza values excellence in its mission to contribute to socioeconomic, scientific and cultural development, through professional training, research and university extension.

Spread out over an extensive campus of 720.00m2, the University has many auditoriums, a library, a theater, audio-visual rooms, laboratories, Sports Park, Healthcare Center, Cultural Space, Student Convenience Center, Legal Practice Office, Research Centers, TEC Hub, and different university extension projects, Unifor is recognized as the best private university in the North and Northeast regions of Brazil by different international rankings such as THE and QS World University Rankings.

The International Affairs Office of the University of Fortaleza has in its main activities to develop and coordinate international academic exchange policies, as well as to promote scientific, technical and cultural cooperation with foreign institutions. The office is also responsible for the Academic Exchange Program and for the enrollment, selection and reception of international students at Unifor. Currently, the University of Fortaleza maintains bilateral academic cooperation agreements with more than 140 higher education institutions in 27 countries, in 04 continents of the globe. In addition, Unifor is part of two international cooperation networks, CREPUQ – Conference of Rectors and Directors of the Universities of Quebec, which has 11 institutions, and the Global Consortium of Universities – GU8, which has 06 institutions. Such partnerships allow for multiple cultural and ethnic exchanges, thus favoring sociability founded on plurality.