Innovative Mobility Attracting Tools for Latin America (I-MAT) was born during a shared international experience that took place in another country, another continent. This was the perfect opportunity to launch the first seeds that would bring our idea together.

What problems are pressing in attracting students, academic and non-academic staff to experience mobility opportunities? Where can this action enhance the management and administrative capacities of international relations offices and their internationalization strategy? How can we empower these organizations to support student and staff mobility? With these initial questions, the idea of I-MAT started to grow.

The nine institutions that participate in I-MAT come from 6 countries: Brazil, Colombia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal and Peru. The already existing network and collaborations among these institutions were key elements when drawing the consortium partners for the project, increasing motivation within the project goals, transfer of know-how, experiences and good practices.

The planned activities are expected to meet the overarching priorities for Latin America, by contributing to the digital transformation of the involved HEIs, increase competitiveness, bridge the digital divide and develop digital literacy and skills.

I-MAT will bring together experienced European actors in the area of international mobility and cooperation, who will contribute with their substantial know-how and expertise in these matters, to better understand and support the LA partner HEIs (Peru, Brazil and Colombia) to attract students and academic and non-academic staff to mobility initiatives through digital and innovative approaches.

Luis A. Moreira (I-MAT Coordinator) and Joanne Laranjeiro (I-MAT Project Manager)​