Universidad Catolica San Pablo – Perú

Universidad Católica San Pablo (UCSP) is a private, non-profit Peruvian institution of higher education, focused on humanistic and professional training. It has only one branch in Arequipa, with a main office in the traditional neighborhood of San Lázaro, located in the historic center of the city. It also has three locations in the historic center of Arequipa.

UCSP welcomes, promotes and executes various initiatives, its own and those of third parties, to achieve an authentic integral development of solidarity in the region and the country, with special emphasis on those that promote reconciliation and integration of civil, university, business and labor authorities to articulate a common effort.

The International Relations and Cooperation Department (DRIC) of UCSP is in charge of establishing the guidelines and the internationalization strategy of our institution, whose work is directly related to the identity of the UCSP as a Catholic university and, therefore, open to the world. From its specific mission of evangelizing culture, it is natural for UCSP to be open to every culture and country. This openness is evidenced in two directions: first, in welcoming those who come from other countries and in the presence of the members of our community and their contributions in the world. Sharing with foreigners greatly enriches our own experience, not only because we learn from other cultures and perspectives, but also because the universality of the search for Truth that animates the academic community of UCSP is confirmed. To achieve this bidirectional contact with the world, DRIC is in constant contact with institutions of higher education (IES) around the world, international organizations, cooperation agencies, embassies, etc. This contribution is closely related to each of the Professional Schools and the various Centers and Departments of UCSP to contribute to the projection of our academic community in social, cultural and research areas, in accordance with the identity of the university.