Técnico Lisboa – UL/IST

Universidade de Lisboa (Instituto Superior Técnico – UL/IST) is the largest and most reputed school of engineering, science and technology in Portugal. About 1.000 students choose Técnico annually to consolidate a period of studies or a degree in Portugal, demonstrating the institution vitality. A multidisciplinary environment, open to internationalization and strongly oriented towards a global culture offers the students, Portuguese or foreign, the ability to maximize their capabilities, explore Técnico Lisboa’s prestige and educational requirements and consolidate their knowledge in a motivating academic and social environment.

Técnico Lisboa’s internationalization takes place under sustainable and high-quality pillars, with clear security to establish the most different projects and flows of international mobility in its field. The international growth and the world projection of IST results in various international partnerships that result on the possibility of different international mobilities such as master’s or a double degree doctoral programme, internships, professional or intensive courses.

Furthermore, Técnico Lisboa also plays a particularly active role in the organization of events and initiatives that highlight the internationalization of the institution, such as the International Days, the International Staff Week, and the Mobility Open Day, which are activities where the whole IST community is invited to know at first hand the international opportunities and the partners that participate directly in this process. Furthermore, its use of social networks is also a prominent element, getting closer to the student community and adapting its content to their needs. That is why, within the scope of the implementation of this project, IST becomes a fundamental partner for its proper implementation.