AGH University of Krakow

AGH University of Krakow is a leading technical university that plays an active role in building a society based on knowledge, using technologies for economic growth and developing in the deep-tech field. The university was established in 1913, and opened in 1919. AGH University of Krakow is a modern state university which develops collaboration with colleges and universities in Poland, Europe, and all over the world. The university’s priority is the accomplishment of tasks and projects that are part of the knowledge triangle: education – scientific research – innovations. AGH University is a technical university where exact sciences are strongly represented, and where they constitute basis for the development of a wide spectrum of applied sciences at a gradually increasing role of social sciences and humanities. A wide scope of research conducted at the university is a result of the contemporary structure which has been shaped over the last 100 years; the development of the university units was connected with the dynamic development of the country’s economy. Invariably, AGH University’s ambition has been getting ahead of the present time, a result of which are many innovative solutions in different areas. Research activity of the AGH University of Krakow comprises eight subject areas: Information Technologies, New Materials and Technologies, Environment and Climatic Changes, Energy and its Resources, Mining, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Exact and Natural Sciences, Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities.

AGH University of Krakow innovative potential is expressed in its intellectual property, embracing patents, trademarks, utility models and research projects. A special unit, Centre for Technology Transfer, was established to create mechanisms facilitating and intensifying the transfer of innovative technologies and knowledge from the university to entrepreneurs, industries and other external institutions as well as to support creation of technological start-ups and spin-offs and the development of businesses based on knowledge and modern technologies.