Management meeting in Natal


On 20-23 May 2024, Erasmus+ Capacity Building project „Innovative Mobility Attracting Tools for Latin America” (I-MAT) partners had a very productive management meeting hosted by Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) in Natal (Brazil). The meeting was dedicated to reviewing project progress, discussing ongoing activities and planning future events. The I-MAT management team celebrated already produced project deliverables:

  • Survey on the obstacles to students and staff international mobility in LA countries;
  • Fact-finding study table that allowed collection of examples of good practices;
  • First draft of the Catalogue of tools, aimed at providing insights and recommendations on encouraging international academic mobility;
  • Pilot workshop for testing the Catalogue of tools in Lithuania;
  • I-MAT project dissemination plan;
  • I-MAT project quality assurance plan;
  • Three trainings aimed at increasing the capacities of the international relations offices’ professionals in Colombia, Peru and Brazil;
  • Structure of I-MOB (i.e. mobile application for international mobility opportunities).

All the I-MAT reports, meetings, workshops and training organised so far have received mainly very positive participants’ feedback, which serves as a great inspiration to continue maintaining high-quality standards.

Don’t miss the final version of the Catalogue of tools and the demo version of I-MOB, to be released by the end of 2024.

Stay tuned for  I-MAT mobility labs and exhibitions in 2025!